About Our Team

Dr Mukesh Bhatia
Dr Mukesh Bhatia

We are a family-run team and well known for the outstanding provision of authentic Ayurvedic treatments and therapies. Our founders, Dr. Mukesh Bhatia and Dr. Ritu Bhatia, hail from a long family of traditional Ayurvedic doctors, and consider it their duty to bring this legacy of expertise to a multi-national audience. Seeing no division between antique and modern, we are dedicated to contributing the best of both to the health of humanity and the globalization of natural health and spirituality, that is what we are known for in Ayurvedic treatments.

About Breast Cancer

Explore into the causes, avoidance, and cure of breast cancer is being done in many medical centers throughout the world. Let’s understand the meaning of Breast Cancer? One of our body’s amazing functions is the ability for cells to reproduce themselves so that growth and repair of body tissues is possible. Usually, cells reproduce by dividing themselves in an orderly and regular way. However, mutation or ‘abnormal changes’ in the genes within body cells that control and regulate the growth of cells and keep them healthy can cause some genes to overwork, causing uncontrolled growth of cells. These growths or tumors can be either benign which are not dangerous, or malignant, which is cancerous. Breast cancer is a term used to describe a malignant tumor that has developed within the cells of the breast. The most common area in the breast for breast cancer to develop is in the ducts, and less frequently in the lobules of the breast. Over time the cancerous cells can invade nearby healthy breast tissue, or cells can break off from the tumor and travel to the lymph nodes and into the lymphatic system which could take them to other parts of the body. Secondary breast cancer is where the cancer has spread from the breast to other parts of the body. This is called metastasis, where the cancer cells have metastasized or ‘changed location’ and become established in another part of the body.

About Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a primordial Indian structure of medicine founded on the immutable laws of nature. Ayurveda views each patient as an exceptional, composite individual. Unlike other medical modalities which focus on the treatment of symptoms of an illness, Ayurveda focuses on the cause of the patient’s disease, sustaining the body’s innate wisdom to restore best possible health.

Ayurveda is preventive as well as curative method of treatment that emphasizes on mind body unity, the mind and the body, are together an integral mechanism influencing each-other. The cosmic consciousness gives rise to the world we perceive through our five senses. Our mental and physical health are combined, there can be no mental health without physical health and vice-versa. In Ayurveda mental characteristics, or thought patterns are as important as physical characteristics for diagnosis of disease. All diseases are caused due to imbalance of mind-body harmony, and both need to be treated through various methods. A person’s life inner and outer must be in harmony to enjoy true well being. Therefore day-to-day life style improvement/changes form an integral part of Ayurvedic treatment.

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