Role of Fagonia Cretica Herb in Chemotherapy

Aggressive chemotherapy and invasive surgeries may beat Cancer, but brings a host of problems for patients.

Now there is a new clinical evidence to suggest that "Fagonia Cretica has been extremely beneficial in reducing the side-effects of chemotherapy, besides strenghthening the Normal Breast Cells."

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The Pain of Cancer

Researchers found that herbal tea made from the extract of the plant destroys cancer cells but unlike convential chemotherapy, treatment does not damage non-cancerous cells so the fight against Cancer becomes very easy and determined.

We are hereby providing the research papers for your reference -

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Research by scientists at Aston University, Birmingham, and Russells Hall Hospital, Dudley, suggests it contains potent anti-cancer agents that act singly or in combination against the proliferation of cancer cells. Laboratory tests showed they arrested the growth of cells within five hours of application and caused them to die within 24 hours. The plant, which has the botanical name Fagonia cretica, is found in arid, desert regions of Pakistan, India, and some parts of Europe. Professor Helen Griffiths and Professor Amtul R Carmichael, who headed the study, found herbal tea made from the extract of the plant destroys cancer cells but, unlike conventional chemotherapy, treatment does not damage normal breast cells, thus reducing side effects. Reports from sufferers in Pakistan and India suggest that the plant extract does not trigger any serious side effects such as loss of hair, drop in blood count or diarrhoea. The research found the plant extract had a novel mechanism which could remedy defects in cell DNA that would normally resist tumour growth. An impaired DNA response not only allows the cancer to flourish, it also inhibits the way chemotherapy works which reduces its effectiveness. Professor Carmichael said a small hospital 100 miles north of in Pakistan started using the herbal tea 40 years ago to treat breast cancer patients. "It appears to keep them in remission, although we can't use the word cure at this stage," she said. "However, they live for a long time without losing their hair or putting on a large amount of weight, or experiencing other toxic side effects associated with chemotherapy, so we are confident this extract has something to contribute."

Based on above conclusions, it can be said with confirmation that Fagonia cretica can be very helpful in fighting against the side-effects of Chemotherapy as it provides the much needed strength to Immune System of Human Body.